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Production Markers - Once your pattern has been approved for production and has been graded, it's ready to be made into a marker. We place the pattern pieces onto the marker for you, indicating the grain of the material and ensuring each piece is in the best position to optimize the use of your materials. Our marker making procedure is designed to maximize productivity and minimize labour and material costs. All markers are plotted on a 72” width inkjet plotter and include a mini marker print-out on 8 1/2” x 11” paper for your records.

Sample Markers - When you have a pattern made by us, we create a sample marker for you and print a full size plot of your pattern on soft paper along with a mini version for your records.

Yield Markers - To accurately order fabric, you may wish to order a yield marker before your garment goes into full production. We can provide optimum utilization of any fabric width, and deliver an accurate quantity of fabric to order, to attain the highest profit margin for your new and existing garments.

View MARKER MAKING samples by clicking on any of the images below:
Production Marker Sample   Sample Marker Sample   Yield Marker Sample